Places on our ‘hands on’ ZF/HURTH mechanical shift gearbox training courses are filled until February 2014

If you fancied a place in one of our ‘hands on’ ZF/HURTH mechanical shift gearbox training courses, we are afraid you are out of luck until Feb 2014

We first introduced a limited series of courses for the benefit of sailors travelling to far flung parts of the world where access to qualified engineers is limited. We now have regular contact from boat owners and crew cruising the Indian Ocean, Pacific, Caribbean and many other distant corners of the boating world.

Not understanding what goes on in that ‘box of tricks’ attached to the back of the engine has resulted in take up for our courses growing steadily and requests for places has spread to the domestic boating scene.

Our workshop/school room is ideal for this kind of learning experience with the emphasis heavily weighted towards ‘hands on’ experience.

Students on the course learn to :

  • Open up and understand the workings of mechanical shift gearboxes.
  • Check for irregularities
  • Discuss causes of failure and find solutions.
  • Adjust shimming.
  • Reassembly.

Following the gearbox ‘hands on’ course, there is a ‘hands on’ introduction to the mysteries of aligning the gearbox to the propeller shaft then discussion about flexible couplings, control systems and engine to gearbox drive plates. Though there is normally discussion as the course progresses, time for questions, if any, will be found at the end of the day.

Overalls etc will be provided, but it is recommend that your own clothes worn on the day are the sort you might do a bit of DIY in, and comfortable. We normally start about 10.00a.m. on a Sunday and aim to finish at around 4.00 p.m. Light lunch is provided. Places are limited to 4 students on each course so that everyone can ‘have a go’
If interested, please contact us via our web site contact form

N.B. Plans are in progress to provide training for the ‘pleasure ‘ range of ZF hydraulic shift gearboxes but we are not in a position yet to provide this service.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service support to non ZF equipment.

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