Marine Surplus


Pilkington Marine carry a vast array of spares, both current and legacy parts. We are going to list these parts here, section by section to see if we can find them new homes via the web. If successful then a fully fledged web store may appear.

If you strike gold, and one of the parts listed is what you need then contact us and we will sort you out a shipping quote and delivery time.

Manufacturer Part No. Description Condition New Price Price No.
ZF Transmissions 3217207001 ZF325 Family Oil Cooler New £ 1 354.99 £ 900 3
ZF Transmissions 3312001021 ZF63A R2.1:1 Gearbox 2007 – Used 1
ZF Transmissions 3217208007 Mech Control Value New £ 699.28 £ 400 4
ZF Transmissions 501006133 Rickmeier Gear Pump Very Good £ 1853.88 £ 900 2
Twin Disc 6356024 24V Shift Solenoid New 1
Volkswagen TDI 225-6 Diesel Engine 2007 – Used £ 9000


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