TDI 225-6 Diesel Engine




VW TDI 225-6 Diesel Engine


We have a pre-owned 2007 engine in stock – Retail Price (inc VAT) £21,395.00

This engine produces 225 hp at 4,200 rpm and 333 pounds per feet of torque at 2,000 rpm. (With an ECM/ECU Change we can increase the HP to 265 – £900 + VAT)

  • Uncompromising marine technology gives the leading edge to your boat.
  • Compact dimensions and extremely low weight.
  • Extremely silent operation – explained by the origin of the engines
  • High performance and impressive torque over a wide engine speed range
  • Special engine management for marine use: Marine Diesel Control (MDC) – Innovative instrumentation with integrated onboard computer

See the VW spec sheet here.

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